NoTS 28-Remedy Repair Cream

NoTS 28-Remedy Repair Cream by Nots
  • KFDA approved for whitening, anti-wrinkle functions
  • 30g

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28-Remedy Repair Cream
(for all skin types including acne skin)

Functional cream with high nutrition for intensive improvement of skin damage Proven effects in acne clinical test / approved whitening and anti-wrinkle functions

[Approved whitening and anti-wrinkle functions by the KFDA]

"Special skin care solution for sensitive skin, integrated 3 dermatology technologies improves your skin to the best extent available"

[Intensive nutrition supply for acne skin]

The highly nutritional cream for sensitive acne skin eliminates acne scars and enhances skin stability by intensive supply of full nutrients into the deep skin.

[Skin protection layer and pore care]

It effectively controls acne-induced enlarged skin pores and forms a layer to protect the skin from external irritation.

[Whitening & Anti-wrinkle effect]

'Adenosine' and 'Niacinamide' helps to tone up loose skin with radiant vitality, And 10 Times HF Complex and patented substances make the skin moist and soft.

[Use in acne skin demonstrated in clinical trial]

28 Remedy Repair Cream showed statistically significant (p<0.01) improvement of acne skin as assessed by dermatologist's visual evaluation using GAGS and by scanning evaluation on overall severity.
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